Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is important to us. We hope the following statement will help you understand how our app deals with the personal identifiable information you may provide to us via internet.

Generally, we do not collect or process any personal identifiable information from you when you download our application. To be specific,

Any personal identifiable information that you enter in the app, such as menstruation dates, sexual activity, length of your menstrual cycle is meant to benefit you only. This information is stored on the APP only and not sent to a server. This means that if you delete the APP from your device, this personal information will be lost and cannot be retrieved.

Information we collect

Information about your gender, your password, your device's IP and your time zone is sent and stored on our server. This information is not shared with any third party (such as facebook, youtube or google).

We do not use any cookies.

How we use your information

Your Personal Identifiable Information will only be used for improving our services. We will never use such information for any other purposes, such as to disclose your personal information to a third party for commercial or other gains.

EU residents. Individuals residing in the countries of the European Union have certain Statutory rights in relation to their personal data introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation (the ‘GDPR’). Subject to any exemptions provided by law, you may have the right to request access to Personal data as well as to seek to update, delete or correct Personal data.

Contact us

If you have concerns about your information being misused, or if you want further information about our privacy policy and what it means, please feel free to email us at email address. We will endeavor to provide clear answers to your questions in a timely manner.